Piranha P90 Ironworker Demo

An Ironworker can be equipped with optional attachments to increase their functionality and at a price point that makes them affordable for small metal shops. In this video, we’ll demonstrate the operational functions of a P90 Ironworker and the attachments that go with it. The Piranha Ironworkers are a versatile metalworking machine that provides a variety of functions all while providing the user rugged durability expected in a fabrication shop.

Now Hiring!

Fabtech Solutions is looking for qualified individuals for installation and troubleshooting of CNC controlled press brakes, plate rollers, metal cutting fiber lasers, metal cutting bandsaws, ironworker machines, profile benders and all sheet metalworking and fabrication machinery.

Shear Blade Flips

Fabtech Solutions offers a shear blade flipping service that is safe and dependable. Shear blades are usually hundreds of pounds and rotating them is a dangerous task that requires an expert. Shear blade flipping is one of our specialties.

When is a Mandrel Bender Necessary?

Mandrel Bending is essential equipment for every machine fabrication shop. Ercolina Mandrel Benders are rugged and versatile making the “swing arm” technology obsolete and has eliminated the need for tie bars and will also prevent material slippage.

When Bandsaw Blades Fail

Not all Bandsaw Blades are equal. Each fabrication shop has different applications and requirements for their bandsaws, for instance the speed and feed rate of material can greatly affect the performance and life of a Bandsaw Blade. If you’re in need of a replacement Bandsaw Blade, FABTECH SOLUTIONS can help.

TSC 100 Seal Replacement Maintenance

An integrated LED display will activate when the seals have become damaged or worn. The alarm function allows for continuous use of the tool until maintenance is needed, manual checking is no longer needed. Seal Replacement is an easy and quick process and leads to increased operating times and reduced maintenance costs.

TRUMPF Service & Repair

Our Service Techs are now offering Trumpf Power Tool Repair and Services. Our repair team is available for all maintenance, diagnosis and replacement parts. We’re experts at troubleshooting your power tools and will advise service only when needed.

Amada Parts & Service

Amada Machine Tools America is the result of a consolidation of the company’s grinding, turning and sawing technology in October of last year; as a result FABTECH SOLUTIONS has begun providing Service and Repair as a regional technical support center. We can also provide genuine Amada Machine replacement parts.

TRUMPF Line of Metal Cutting Shears

TRUMPF Metal Shears provide plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, and container construction with a variety of electric shears which are designed to make your job easier. TruTool Metal Shears have great maneuverability around curves, even on tight difficult radii.

TRUMPF TruTool Power Nibblers

A TRUMPF Power Nibbler can process sheets 0.02 in. or 0.4 in. thick, without feed force, distortion, emissions, or sparks.The perfect Power Nibbler for plumbing, coil cutting, and container and tank assembly and dismantling. Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, for cuts across edges and weld seams. The speed control is highly efficient for work with scribed lines or with a template.

5 Benefits of TRUMPF Slitting Shears

Considering your own sheet metal or roofing project? TRUMPF’s Slitting Shears are portable and easy to use, an ideal choice for when cutting spiral duct or machining pipes. The TRUMPF design makes cutting easy and accurate with a clear view of the cutting line through the open front head. This allows for easy right and left curve cuts that are distortion free. Rechargeable Batteries make a perfect balance of drive performance and run time.

TRUMPF TruTool Fastening Seam Lockers

The TRUMPF Seam Locker series is perfect for offering reliable and efficient sealing. Very portable and hand held, these fastening seam lockers are ideal for assembly at the job site; whether standing, angular or Pittsburgh seams the TRUMPF Seam Lockers are the right tool for the job.

Advantages of the Trumpf Beveler

TRUMPF TruTool Bevellers can also be used manually in either vertical, horizontal or even overhead positions or in any work station. We sell a full line of TRUMPF tools for all your metal working projects. These tools are fast and precise for all your weld seams.

3 Reasons to purchase your next Piranha Ironworker

The Ironworker is an incredibly versatile machine capable of many different applications; still, it is possible to purchase the wrong ironworker. There are important considerations in the selection of an appropriate ironworker for your fabrication shop; determine the capacity, versatility and safety features available.

Press Brake Repair Service

Our Service Engineers specialize in Press Brake and Hydraulic Shear Repair, simple maintenance as well as in-depth rebuilds and upgrades. All electrical controls, pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems require regular maintenance. If your Press Brake or Shear needs some attention, give us a call and we’ll implement a restoration plan today!

Hurricane Florence Damage Repairs

At Fabtech Solutions, we stand with our customers in their time of need. We know there is widespread damage throughout our service area and would like to help; we are offering 10% OFF any service that is a result of damage due to Hurricane Florence.