Piranha Ironworker Optional Attachments

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Pipe/Tube Notching Attachment
Piranha Tooling - Pipe Tube Notching Attachment
  • Mounts easily to platen
  • Spring-loaded return
  • Standard base die accommodates several die sizes
  • Allows single notch in Schedule 40 pipe 3/4" through 2" diameter*
  • Notching dies available for 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"
  • Attaches to punch end of ironworker
Press Brake Tooling Holders
Piranha Tooling - Press Brake Tooling Holders
  • Available for all Piranha Ironworkers
  • Allows use of press brake punches and dies for precision bending
  • Lengths up to 24"
  • Accepts a 1/2" wide by 5/8" tall tang (tooling sold separately)
Quickset Gauging Tables
Piranha Tooling - Quickset Gauging Tables
  • Fast set-up for punching multiple holes
  • Includes plate and angle-gauging guide bars
  • Left and right hand extensions available in 5’ and 10’ lengths
  • Gauging table mounts on machine platen table without removing punch attachment or die block
  • Table and guide bars have measuring rules
  • All models have 3 left-hand stops on the table and 6 stops (3 left-hand and 3 right-hand) on the angle guide bar
Bar Bender
Piranha Tooling - Bar Bender
  • Up to 2-1/2" depending on available tonnage
  • Adjustable die for different radii
Bending Attachments
Piranha Tooling - Bending Attachments
  • Optional sizes range from 8" to 48". See specifications chart for sizes available for each model.
Channel Shear
Piranha Tooling - Channel Shear
  • Attaches to punch end of ironworker in place of standard punch holder
  • Each cut removes 1/2" slug from standard weight channel
  • Slug slides out the front of the shear after each cut
  • Pinned slide block adjusts to accommodate different widths of channel
  • Quick release locking handle secures material
1-1/2 Oversize Punch Attachment
Piranha Tooling - Oversize Punch Attachment
  • Punches up to 1-9/16" hole within capacity limits of the machine
  • Mounts in place of standard punch holder and die block
  • Use same stripper action as standard punch attachment
  • Use No. EF punches and No. JF dies
Roller Feed Tables
Piranha Tooling - Roller Feed Tables
  • For fast, easy feeding of bar, plate and angle
  • Available in 5’ increments—bolt together for longer lengths
  • Adjust to accommodate floor height and machine type
  • Includes rollers for angle and flat bar sections
  • 20" wide flat rollers; 6" angle rollers
Mechanical Backgauges
Piranha Tooling - Mechanical Backgauges
  • Allows quick set-up to repeat shearing length with a mechanical backstop
  • Positions in angle, plate and round bar sections
  • Lengths available—3’, 6’, 9’, 12’
  • Bolts on with no machine modifications
  • Easy access of sheared material
  • Backgauge allows for infinite adjustment
  • Compression sleeve for positive locking and no marring of the gauge bar
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