Piranha Ironworker Tooling Available for Shipping Today!

All Standard sizes of ironworker tooling are in stock and available for same-day shipment, non-standard sizes can ship next day.

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Piranha Ironworker Tooling
Piranha Ironworker Model Uses Punch Uses Die
P-2, P-3, P-36, P-40, P-50, P-65, PII-35, SEPP-35 DH JB
P-4, P-70, P-90, P-110, P-120, P-140
PII-35, PII-65, PII-88, PII-110, PII-140
SEPP-35, SEPP-65, SEPP-88, SEP-120, SEPP-140
1-1/2 Oversized EF JF
28XX Oversized Attachments: 2-3/4, 3-3/4, 4-3/4, 5-3/4 28XX

NOTE: Keyways allow for the easy alignment of shaped punches. Piranha shaped punches are produced with a “V” groove keyway. If machine brand is not stated no keyway will be provided.

Dies for Piranha™ Machines

NOTE: Whistle notches allow for the easy alignment of shaped dies. Piranha shaped dies are produced with a whistle notch. If machine brand is not stated, no whistle notch will be provided.

Heavy Duty Punches for Piranha™ Machines

NOTE: When ordering 59 & 64 style punches, please specify machine model, punch size, 28XX oversized attachment size and material type and thickness so appropriate shear is supplied for application.