HYDMECH CNF400CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Circular Saw is the top of the C-Series Cold saws, a vertical column cold saws which was made for rapid cutting of heavy wall, structural or solid steel applications. The gearbox and the saw motor are part of the cutting head which helps the C-series easily cut through to 4’’ solid metal material.

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Metal Cold Saw is an electro pneumatic, automatic vertical column circular saw with a heavy duty gearbox that has a 3 stage transmission motor and that is directly coupled to the saw head so as to ensure high precision and rigidity in all metal cutting applications. The CNF400CNC weighs 2350 pounds and is ideal for cutting aluminum and other materials that are non-ferrous.

Standard features

  • It has a 15.75’’ blade.
  • Adjustable speed drives of 1700 or 3400 RPM’s.
  • A blade mist lubrication system that is automatically activated during the cut.
  • A control panel that is ergonomically positioned.
  • A multi-indexing shuttle-feed that has a 40’’ single stroke
  • A microprocessor control that can control up to 32 different jobs
  • It has a sawing head movement that is controlled by an electro mechanic cylinder
  • Sawing head rides that are on double linear guides for the saw’s stability
  • Hearing stress control
  • Two pneumating operation vises that are automatic and clamp material on both sides of the blade.
  • A 4.5/6.0 HP motor


Rectangular Capacity at 90° 7” H x 4” W
Blade Size Max: 15 3/4″
HP 4.5 / 6
Mitering 60° left and 45° right
Operation Automatic


FABTECH SOLUTIONS is a certified dealer of HYDMECH Band Saws, our service department regularly repairs and maintains wood and metal cutting bandsaw machinery. Our Service Department will keep your saw in motion.

HYDMECH Replacement Parts are available for Delivery  ,   Service Manuals are available for Part Number reference and our Parts Associates are available to help!

We've included several resources and troubleshooting guides below. This material is for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

Contact our Service Department today with any questions.


What type of hydraulic oil is used on HYDMECH machines?
Texaco Rando HD46 or equivalent or machines built with Parker or Bosch Rexroth Power Packs use Shell Tellus 22 or equivalent hydraulic oil. The fill level is marked as a black line on the temperature / level gauge.
What hydraulic oil filter is used on HYDMECH saws and how often should it be changed?
HYDMECH uses commercially available filters. When calling to order filters, please refer to the information listed on your current filter to obtain the proper dimensions as different sizes are used. Filters should be changed after the first 50 hours of operation and then every 500 working hours after that.
My saw runs, but I have no hydraulic functions or any pressure showing on the system pressure gauge.
Between the hydraulic pump and motor there is a bell housing containing a three-piece coupling. Inspect the coupling to see if one of the flanges has loosened and slid apart. If it is necessary to re-connect the coupling, use removable Loc-Tite on the set screws, or if the coupling is damaged, it will need to be replaced. With new saw installations, if there is no pressure showing on the system pressure gauge, it is likely that the phase wiring is backwards. Reverse any two of the three phase wires supplying power to the saw.
On my inverter driven machine the blade shuts down and will not restart.
Disconnect the supply voltage to the saw for approximately five minutes. Turn the power back on and try to restart the saw blade. If the alarm or fault code persists, check the led screen on the blade motor inverter drive for the presence of an error code, call the factory with the saw serial number, inverter model number and the error code.
My chip auger has stopped turning on my saw.
The chip auger may be jammed with a thin piece of metal. If you are unable to locate or remove the obstruction, you need to reverse the auger rotation. Lower the head fully down, shut off the hydraulics, and reverse the two conveyor hoses at the hydraulic manifold. Start the hydraulics, raise the head, and switch the head to the down position and the chip conveyor will run in reverse dislodging the piece of metal. Then put the hoses back as they were initially.
99 SHS Transmission/Reception 94 Micro zero-axe in-congruent
98 SHS In-congruent reception 93 SHS phases short circuit
97 Micro zero-behind 92 SHS driver over temperature
96 Micro zero-axe always OFF 91 SHS over/under-voltage
95 Micro zero-axe always ON 90 Non-existent phase zeroing


Possible Cause


Disable drive Press Reset. If display doesn’t show “r” letter, please check limit switch, emergency circuit,…


Enable and ready drive Ready to march.


Phase motor short circuit Check the connection on driver and motor.


Hi or low voltage supply Check the power supply voltage, transformer, connections.


Over temperature Check if fans inside the cabinet are turning properly, fuses…
Contact our Service Department today with any questions.
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