Piranha Plasma Table C408

The C408 Piranha Plasma Table utilizes high performance Panasonic Servo Motors and Drives that will easily run full production for many years to come. These 400 watt Servo Motors ensure high quality cuts and complete accuracy through the life of the equipment. The Piranha C408 CNC Plasma Table comes with a 4’X8′ cutting bed and the FastCam Programming system that automates the most difficult jobs.

Available Options for Piranha Plasma Tables:


  • Powermax 45
  • Powermax 65
  • Powermax 85


  • Water mist chiller and dispenser to help prevent warping of sheet metal cutting.


  • Side mount with up to 11.5” diameter X 10’ cutting capacity, with no additional torch required.



FABTECH SOLUTIONS provides service and repair for all Piranha Plasma Tables. Ensuring high quality replacement parts and service resources is an essential component for prolonging the life and effectiveness of your metal fabrication equipment and machinery.

For your convenience, there are product manuals for your Plasma Table included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.


Our expert team of factory-trained service engineers can discuss machine tool repair options with you today, we can effectively minimize your downtime and keep your manufacturing process running smoothly. Look into one of our maintenance contracts to ensure quality and optimal service for all your machine fabrication needs.