TRUMPF TruTool TKF 1500, 2 Speed Weld Beveler

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The TRUMPF TruTool TKF 1500 comes with a 2 speed transmission, simplifying any sheet metal processing or steel fabrication application. A highly productive and efficient design allows for working on tight corners and angles, it can bevel the inside of a pipe with a minimum diameter or 1.2 inches. A solid addition to a versatile set of sheet metal fabrication tools.

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Details of the TruTool TKF 1500 Weld Beveler with 2 speed

With the TruTool TKF 1500 weld beveler with 2-speed transmission you can work individually with the material to be processed. If you are working with high-tensile material, a reduction of stroke rate is recommended. This will give you a high-quality bevel and increase the service life of the pusher. Here too, the bevel angles can be progressively adjusted in a range from 20° to 55°. Whether you are producing K, V, X or Y angles or whether you are working on straight sheets or T carriers, the result is always even and free of oxide, and the surface only exhibits a slight degree of roughness. TruTool TKF 1500 with 2-speed transmission is suited to both mobile and stationary weld seam preparation. Minimal mounting with quick release tools and long service life ensure efficiency.

The powerful one with 2 speeds

  • Two-speed gear box for stainless and other high tensile applications
  • Bevelling angle easily adjustable from 20° to 55°
  • Roller guide reduces vibration for comfortable machining and extended cutter life
  • Bevels curved edges with a minimum radius of 130 mm
  • Processes pipe with a minimum inside diameter of 30 mm
  • Processing of T- and double T-carriers
  • Machine available as electric-version


  • Locksmiths
  • Steelwork
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Railroad cars
  • Job Shops for sheet metal working


 TRUMPF BevellerTruTool TKF 1500 with 2 speed (230V)TruTool TKF 1500 with 2 speed (110V)
Bevel angles (standard)20 ° – 45 °20 ° – 45 °
Bevel angles (with special stripper)20 ° – 55 °20 ° – 55 °
Max. chamfer length in 1st gear
  • Steel 400 N/mm²
15 mm15 mm
  • Steel 600 N/mm²
11 mm11 mm
  • Steel 800 N/mm²
9 mm9 mm
Max. chamfer length in 2nd gear
  • Steel 400 N/mm²
15 mm15 mm
  • Steel 600 N/mm²
9 mm9 mm
  • Steel 800 N/mm²
6 mm6 mm
Sheet thickness4 mm – 160 mm4 mm – 160 mm
Smallest inner radius55 mm55 mm
Working speed
  • 1st gear
1.25 m/min1.25 m/min
  • 2nd gear
2 m/min2 m/min
Rated input power2000 W2000 W
Stroke rate with nominal load
  • Stroke rate, 1st gear
230 RPM210 RPM
  • Stroke rate, 2nd gear
370 RPM340 RPM
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery)19.5 kg19.5 kg
Accessories included
Cutting tool standardintegrated
Chip box0023209
Grip socket0023229
Grip pipe0023206
Hexagon screw0017302
2 hexagon screwsM 10 x 20 – 10.9 DIN 9330017310
KeyM 10 x 25 – 10.9 DIN 9330078310
Hex head wrenchM 10 x 25 – 10.9 DIN 9330118860
Punch and nibble oil for steelM 10 x 25 – 10.9 DIN 9330103387
Tube grease “S1”AL 17 DIN 31130121486
Grease gun6 mm0068624
Setting gauge500 ml bottle1411767
Choice card cutter25 g1332341
Additional accessories
Cutting tool Standardset of 21263021
Cutting tool Standardset of 101263029
Cutting tool Aluminiumset of 21264419
CR Cutting toolset of 21264417
CR Cutting toolset of 101264418
Cutting tool CR 5575set of 21327480
Cutting tool CR 5575set of 101327482
Cutting tool ST high tensile steelset of 21264420
Cutting tool ST high tensile steelset of 101264432
Glide box1 piece0038351
Roller guide left coupling1240848


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For your convenience, there are instruction and service manuals for your Trumpf TruTools included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

TRUMPF Beveler


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