TRUMPF TruTool DD 1010


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The TRUMPF TruTool DD 1010 is a top performer for every metal fabrication shop. TRUMPF has fitted this new industrial-quality tool with 17 torque steps and an additional drilling step. Equipped with a fast charger, the rechargeable 2Ah battery can be fully charged in 30 minutes. Mainly used to start drill holes in steel plate or sheet metal, it is also effective to drive screws and drill holes in a variety of other materials.

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Value Added Benefits of The TRUMPF TruTool DD 1010

The TRUMPF TruTool DD 1010 is a high-quality drill driver that can achieve 15 or 30 newton meters in both directions, also equipped with two gear ratios this drill driver can handle most applications. This is a powerfully strong drill with a 2-speed gear and a maximum idle speed of 1,450 revolutions per minute.. It makes entry and removal of screws an easy process, as well as preparation of starting drill holes. TRUMPF made sure that the high quality batter would hold enough of a charge for starting holes is up to 24 holes in .040 mild steel (.700 inch diameter) and up to 95 screws (4 x 2.375 inch) in wood.

The drill driver is distinguished above all by its ergonomically correct design and superb operating convenience.The TruTool DD 1010 battery operated drill driver weighs only a couple pounds (including the rechargeable battery) while offering extremely high operating comfort with its ergonomic design and soft grip.

Powerful 10.8 V Li-Ion battery drill driver

  • 2-speed motor with quick-stop function
  • Extremely high operating comfort: balanced design and low weight
  • Softgrip for a secure handling and low vibration work
  • 17 torque and drill settings
  • Stable, anti-tilt stand
  • Integrated LED Light to illuminate working area
  • High-quality Li-Ion technology for a long run time per battery charge
  • Compatible: 10,8 V Li-Ion battery and charger are identical with the current 10,8 V Li-Ion TRUMPF battery machines

For start hole drillings:

  • Ventilation works and climate control technology (spiral seam tubes)
  • House-front construction
  • Construction / dry walling
  • Plumbers

For screws and drilling

  • all industries


TruTool DD 1010
Gears 2
Quick-release drill chuck 10 mm
Max. drill performance (steel) 8 mm
Max. drill performance (wood) 20 mm
20 mm
Torque settings 17 + drilling
Max. torque (soft / hard) 15 Nm / 30 Nm
Idle speed (1st gear) 440 RPM
Idle speed (2nd gear) 1450 RPM
Voltage / capacity 10.8 V
Weight 1.1 kg (with 2 Ah battery)
1.3 kg (with 4 Ah battery)
Accessories included
*2 Ah batteries (set of 2) *included
* Charger 100 – 240 V * included
Belt clip 1966977
TRUMPF Box S1 Version drill driver packed in plastic carrying case included
Cardboard Box S 1 Version drill driver packed in carton box included
Additional accessories
Step drill (4 – 20 mm) 1957190
Battery 10,8 V / 2 Ah 1886525
Battery 10,8 V / 4 Ah 1886526
Charger 100 – 240 V (D) 1886527
Charger 100 – 240 V (CH) 1886529
Charger 100 – 240 V (GB) 1886530
Charger 100 – 240 V (USA) 1886528
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