TruTool F 125 Seam Locker


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The TRUMPF TruTool F 125 Seam Locker is used to hammer already prepared angle and standing seams so as to lock and form a tight seal. The freestanding tool is perfectly adapted to lock the already prefolded seams which occur in corners and angles. The spring loaded hammer is meant to ensure there is a virtue of consistency as far as quality is concerned.

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Advantages of the TRUMPF  F 125 Seam Locker

If the workpiece exhibits inconsistencies in sheet thickness, the TruTool F 125 adjusts automatically. Hammer and anvil can be conveniently exchanged without tools. Prepared angle and standing seams are tightly closed at undiminished quality by a spring-mounted hammer. The height of the seam is always 40 mm. The free-standing tool allows you to work even in tight corners and angles. The setting for sheet thickness is quickly selected without tools

For closing prepared angle and standing seams

  • Closes pre-formed standing seams, even in corners and angles
  • Spring-loaded hammer ensures consistent quality with variations in sheet thickness
  • Precision adjustment of working distance between hammer and anvil
  • Machine available as electric-version


  • Heating and ventilation works
  • Chimney works
  • House-front construction
  • Industrial ventilators


TRUMPF Seam Locker TruTool F 125 (230V) TruTool F 125 (110V)
Max. material thickness
  • Steel 400 / mm²
1.25 mm 1.25 mm
Lock seam thickness and elevation
  • Max. edge thickness
5 mm 5 mm
  • Edge length (H)
40 mm 40 mm
Working speed 5 m/min – 6 m/min 5 m/min – 6 m/min
Rated input power 500 W 500 W
Strokes at nominal load 1850 RPM 1850 RPM
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery) 2.8 kg 2.8 kg
Accessories included
TRUMPF BOX included
Additional accessories
Hammer, upper 0102964
Hammer, lower 0105448
Plastic buffer 0105449


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TRUMPF Seam Locker

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