TruTool C 160 Slitting Shears with Chip Clipper


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The TRUMPF TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear with the integrated chip breaker is an ideal sheet metal tool for any metal fabrication shop. A cordless slitting shear this hand held shear easily makes it’s way through spiral tubing, sheet metal pieces and stainless steel with distortion free cutting. Ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, this sheet metal tool makes it easy.

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The TruTool C 160 Slitting Shears with Chip Breaker For Sale

TruTool C 160 with integrated chip breaker is especially suitable for notching tasks and interior cutouts. The chip can be clipped at any point. You can pull the machine out of the workpiece at any time and replace it precisely. The TruTool C 160 with chip breaker is attractive because it produces distortion-free, high quality cuts. They protect the surface. The view of the workpiece is optimal and makes your work easier. With the optional parallel stop, you can cut strips from 35 to 300 mm precisely.

The alternative with integrated chip breaker

  • Integrated chip breaker for two-handed operation; ideal for inner contours and notchings
  • Light weight, ergonomic, handy
  • Machine available as electric version as well Li-Ion-battery


  • Ventilation works and climate control technology (spiral-seam tubes)
  • House-front construction
  • Construction, including separation of C-L-U profiles
  • Plumbers
  • Coil-application


TRUMPF Slitting ShearsTruTool C 160 with chip breaker (230V)TruTool C 160 wit chip breaker (110V)TruTool C 160 with chip breaker cordless
Cutter (further cutters available)Cutter for 1 – 1,6 mm sheet thicknessCutter for 1 – 1,6 mm sheet thicknessCutter for 1 – 1,6 mm sheet thickness
Max. material thickness
  • Steel 400 / mm²
1.6 mm1.6 mm1.6 mm
  • Steel 600 / mm²
1.2 mm1.2 mm1.2 mm
  • Aluminium 250 / mm²
2 mm2 mm2 mm
Working speed6 m/min – 10 m/min6 m/min – 10 m/min5 m/min – 9 m/min
Start hole diameter15 mm15 mm15 mm
Smallest radius90 mm90 mm90 mm
Rated input power350 W350 W
Strokes at nominal load3800 RPM3800 RPM2500 RPM
Weight (electric: without cable; battery: with battery)1.4 kg1.4 kg1.6 kg
Motor capacity10.8 V
Accessories included
Straight cutter 1 – 1.6 mmDIN 911-22.5integrated
Cut guides (2 pieces with screws)integrated
Hex head wrench0067822
* Battery (2 pieces)10,8 V / 2 Ahincluded
*Charger100 – 240 V1886527
*Belt clip100 – 240 V1886524
TRUMPF Box1763681
Additional accessories
Straight cutter 1 – 1.6 mm(set of 2, 1264343)(set of 5, 1264345)
Straight cutter 1 mm(set of 2, 1264358)(set of 5, 1264357)
Curve cutter(set of 2, 1264356)(set of 5, 1264359)
CR cutter(set of 2, 1264346)(set of 5, 1264347)
Cut guides (2 pieces with screws)TruTool C 1600913520
Spare parts set (1 x cut guide, 1 x chip clipper)Set of 212643460927709
Spare blades (1 x 143432, 1 x 143434)0913521
Chip breaker(set of 1, 0143950)(set of 2, 1264370)
*Battery (1 piece)10,8 V / 2 Ah1886525
Battery (1 piece)10,8 V / 4 Ah1886526
Options (accessories)
Parallel cutting0143439
Lubricating grease “G1”25 g0344969


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