Cordless TruTool C 160 Shear

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The TRUMPF TruTool C160, without chip clipper, will be an ideal addition to a fabrication shop. The rechargeable battery allows for an above average runtime. The 2Ah battery cuts around 70 meters in 400 N/mm2 mild steel at a sheet thickness of 0.31 inch. You can even double this service life with the 4 Ah battery.

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The Rechargeable TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear (Li-ion Battery) For Sale

The Cordless Trumpf C160 Shear is particularly well-suited to cutting tasks without chip clipping during the cutting process. For example if you are cutting straight sheets to length or for curved cutting. A handheld metal shear, it is well-suited for straight, distortion-free cuts and C-L-U profiles.

You can use the speed control to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task. This provides a variable cutting speed of up to 29.5 feet per minute. The speed control is highly efficient for work with scribed lines or with a template. It is also well-suited to frequent processing of radii and stainless steel. The electronic overload protection offers yet another notable benefit.

Accurate starting and cutting

  • Light weight, ergonomic, handy
  • Small start hole diameter
  • Machine available as electric version as well Li-Ion-battery


  • Ventilation works and climate control technology (Spiral-seam tubes)
  • House-front construction
  • Construction, including separation of C-L-U profiles
  • Plumbers
  • Coil-application


Maximum sheet thicknesses

Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 400 N/mm²

1.6 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 600 N/mm²

1.2 mm

Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm²

2 mm

Spiral duct steel 400 N/mm²

4 x 0,63 mm


Smallest radius

90 mm


Working Speed

5 m/min – 9 m/min

Idle run stroke rate

4300 RPM

Starting hole diameter

15 mm


10.8 V


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For your convenience, there are instruction and service manuals for your Trumpf TruTools included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

TRUMPF Slitting Shears


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