Messer Edgemax High Definition 8×24 w/400 amp power supply

Like New, Messer Edgemax 2017 Control upgrade with LESS THAN 40 HOURS on it. A great deal on a used piece of machinery. Complete with EZ Clean side gates, heavy duty slat frame, and a smoke removal system.


The EdgeMax P Dual X Drive cutting machine includes the following:

  • The machine Gantry utilizes special aluminum extrusions to provide a light but extremely rigid structure.
  • The machine is driven by backlash free rack and pinion drives in both axes providing excellent motion control required for precision plasma systems.
  • EdgeMax P is driven by 600 watt AC servo motors coupled to precision planetary gear reducers producing an accuracy of +\- .008” in any 72” move and repeatability of .004”.

Travel speeds are up to 1200 inches per minute, increasing your productivity. The machine base is completely unitized with EZ Clean side gates providing lost part and quick slag removal without removing slat frames. Special table surface skirts aid in smoke extraction and serve as slat retainers to prevent slats from moving when magnetic lifting equipment is used to load/unload table. Heavy duty slat frame package (slats, slat frames, shielding)

A smoke removal system including a longitudinal duct built into a side wall, cross plates to divide the table into 32” long zones, and damper doors, one for each zone, which is actuated by the cutting machine. Only one or two doors are open at any time to exhaust smoke surface.

Table capacity of 3” thick material
8 Feet cutting width
24 Feet effective cut length

Laser pointer

  • The laser pointer is used by the operator to physically identify the edge of a plate by locating two (2) points along an edge.
  • The operator activates the plate alignment routine (part program rotation). Once activated, the entire part program is offset (rotated), to the actual plate radial position.
  • Then, the part program can be activated to cut the part or nest, as if the plate were square to the machine axis.
  • This feature simplifies set-up, reduces cycle time and eliminates scrap.


  • One (1) Kaliburn Spirit400a Plasma System with Automatic Gas Console
  • Precision, high density plasma system with a maximum output of 400A
  • Rated for up to 2” production cutting of mild steel, 1 ½” stainless steel and aluminum
  • Easily switch between cutting and marking using the same consumables via the part program.

All plasma process data can be remotely set by the operator at the Global Control via a serial link to the automatic gas console and plasma power supply. This means all parameters are controlled by the exclusive Messer database in the Global Control including remote on/off of the power supply.

  • Argon/Hydrogen manifold for Kaliburn Spirit 400a
  • Messer OL100s Plasma Lifter
  • Increased part accuracy as a result of accurate height sensing
  • Precision ball screw and dual linear guides provide a smooth and rigid platform for vertical positioning of the cutting or marking tool
  • 300” per minute vertical speed minimizes non-productive time
  • Sealed bearings are virtually maintenance-free
  • Magnetic collision sensor protects the torch while cutting from damage due to obstructions

Plasma station outlet equipment

Station outlet consists of pre assembled piping with regulators for selected plasma gases. The appropriate fittings are attached to the outlet side to mate with the Messer supplied hoses
Station outlet to be mounted in close proximity to the “x” axis powertrack entry point
The customer is responsible for the piping to the inlet side of each station outlet assembly.