The Benefits of an Ercolina Pipe Bender

The improved design of the Ercolina Bender is more rugged and versatile than traditional outdated “swing arm” technology. The bending axis is positioned directly beneath and supporting the pressure die, eliminates the need for a tie bars and prevents material slippage. The bending force exerted by the spindle is resisted by the pressure die which is monitored and continuously adjusted automatically for consistent pressure throughout the bend cycle.

Ercolina’s powered indexing carriage advances and rotates the work piece between bends. Primarily the carriage is a material handling mechanism positioning the work piece for each bend just as accurately as the carriage of a CNC bender. One of the most important benefits of the powered carriage on a larger bender is powered loading, positioning, and unloading of heavy work piece, especially when the pipe or tube must be drawn many feet over a snug fitting mandrel.

The operator control is equipped with a color touch screen that displays five axis position points with Absolute and Incremental readout values; available with either Inch or Metric programming and display. A standard manual over ride controls the Clamp, Pressure Die, Boost, Mandrel, and Clamp release functions. A tooling profile setup page automatically creates bending program from xyz coordinates and memorizes bend angle with individual spring back settings.

Ercolina Tube and Pipe Benders

Tube and Pipe Benders

Ercolina's line of Tube and Pipe Benders are ideal for producing consistent quality bends in larger pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles. With capacities of 6-152 mm, they are equipped to get the job done. A digital display of bend angle assists operators. A Remote control is included to control the bend, return and emergency stop functions. All systems have an accurate counterbending die positioning and a heavy-duty steel gear case.

Available Models

Product Specification are linked to each model below

Angle Rolls - Section Benders

Ercolina’s line of Pyramic Style Angle Rolls and Section Benders have a heavy duty structure with rigid components for high section modulus ratings. The CE70H3 angle roll model has hydraulic center roll positioning with a manual anti-twist correction system for angle iron “Leg In” applications (hydraulic system is optional). Whilte the CE50H3 angle roll model has hydraulic center roll positioning and the CE40M2 angle roll offers the convenience of operating in the vertical or horizontal position.

Available Models

Product Specification are linked to each model below

Ercolina Angle Rolls - Section Benders
Ercolina Tube Benders with Mandrel

Tube Benders with Mandrel

Ercolina’s line of Tube Benders with Mandrel are ideal for industrial bending of tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to a center line radius as small as 1.5D. Ercolina’s TM76 Mandrel Bender is ideal for prototype or daily production. The MG030 Mandrel Bender is ideal for bending thin wall mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. While the TB050T-A provides a generous capacity of 50 x 2 mm in standard steel pipe, NC programmable control for bend angle and mandrel function. C axis is effectively managed through operator input. Positioning of Y and B Axis movements is easy with provided table adjustments, mechanical stop and interactive DRO screen for displaying current position values.


Rotary Draw Demo

Angle Roll Demo

Ercolina Railing Demo

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