Finding the right Metal Cutting Band Saw for your shop

There are many factors to consider when selecting the proper band saw machine for your fab shop. The material challenges involved in cutting structural steel, such as I beams, channel and angle iron, pipe and tubing are important factors to consider. However, every fabrication shop knows it comes down to the lowest cost per cut. HYDMECH provides a profitable sawing solution and Fabtech Solutions is a trusted distributor. We feature Hyd-Mech product lines for metal and wood cutting band saw machinery, as well as horizontal and vertical style metal band saws.

The industry level experience gathered by our Service Technicians allow us to effectively diagnose and repair a wide range of electric and hydraulic band saws. We stock a large variety of aftermarket replacement parts, band saw guide blades, bearings belts and band wheels; as well as sawing and coolant fluids. Whether it’s questions about blade selection, material factors or equipment type; our Service Department can help find the right tool for the job.

The latest selection of HYDMECH Metal Cutting Band Saws

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HYDMECH C350-2AV Manual Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2AV Cold Saw is a solid addition in every metal fabrication shop. It is a smaller circular saw that is a manual vertical column cold saw and is favored for its accurate, quick and clean metal cutting.

HYDMECH C350-2CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2CNC is a vertical cold saw that is perfect for metal cutting applications that have multiple lengths or quantities. A solid automatic metal cutting cold saw that will increase production and output at any metal fab shop.

HYDMECH C350-2S Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2S Cold Saw is a semi-automatic vertical column circular saw that is best suited for light metal cutting to medium metal cutting applications. With a variety of standard features that make this Cold Saw an easy choice for every metal fabrication shop.

HYDMECH C370-2SI Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C370-2SI Cold Saw is a semi-automatic vertical column circular saw. This cold saw has the largest capacity that HYDMECH offers. This circular saw is an ideal choice for quick, clean and accurate metal cutting.

HYDMECH C370CNC Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C370CNC Metal Cold Saw is a fully automatic vertical circular saw with several unique features. It has the ability to extend carbide blade life due to its high volume flood coolant system which not only cools the blade, but also the material during cutting operations.

HYDMECH CNF400CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Circular Saw is the top of the C-Series Cold saws, a vertical column cold saws which was made for rapid cutting of heavy wall, structural or solid steel applications. The gearbox and the saw motor are part of the cutting head which helps the C-series easily cut through to 4’’ solid metal material.

HYDMECH DM-10 Double Miter Bandsaw

The DM-10 Double Miter Bandsaw has an exceptional cutting capability. This versatile saw saves operator set-up time and its compact design makes it ideal for use in tight working spaces. Its cast iron head and vises are designed for rigidity – absorbing vibrations and ensuring accuracy during cutting. A rotating table with single cut line allows head and blade groove to move together for smooth, accurate mitering.

HYDMECH DM-12 Double Miter Bandsaw

The HYDMECH DM-12 is a double miter band saw that provides exceptional cutting capability. This versatile saw saves operator set-up time and its compact design makes it ideal for use in tight working spaces. From user-friendly operator controls, to easily accessible electrical panels and cabinets, the DM-12 double miter band saw is solidly built to provide maximum productivity.

HYDMECH DM-1318P Double Miter Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

The DM-1318P double miter, semi-automatic band saw provides exceptional miter cutting for medium duty applications. Featuring a 13″H x 17 3/4″ W capacity at 90°, 5.5 HP motor, and 1 1/4″ blade, the DM-1318P is a versatile double miter band saw.

HYDMECH H-11A Horizontal Bandsaw

HYDMECH’s H-11A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw has the smallest footprint of the automatic horizontal band saw series and will still provide the best value and lowest cost per cut in any metal fabrication shop. Utilizing a hydraulic positive down feed control that monitors both rate and force, this band saw features an 11″ x 13″ capacity and a 6 HP VFD motor. The most reliable choice for your horizontal metal cutting applications.

HYDMECH H-14A Horizontal Bandsaw

HYDMECH’s H-14A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw comes specially equipped with a carbide tipped blade and will out perform anything in it’s class. This is a fully automatic band saw with hydraulic full stroke vises. With a 1 ¼” blade and 14” x 14” capacity, the ideal band saw for all your metal cutting needs.

HYDMECH H-18A Horizontal Bandsaw

HYDMECH’s H-18A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw cuts fast, with its high speed shuttle feed indexing up to 34″ in a single movement. Its standard split front vise delivers a short material remnant length, reducing material waste. The hydraulic full stroke vises and split front vise reduces remnant pieces to only 4″ (100mm) without bundling. This band saw features an 18″ x 18″ capacity, 10 HP motor, and 1 1/2″ blade, the H-18A is a reliable choice for all your horizontal metal cutting applications.

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