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HYDMECH C350-2AV Manual Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2AV Cold Saw is a solid addition in every metal fabrication shop. It is a smaller circular saw that is a manual vertical column cold saw and is favored for its accurate, quick and clean metal cutting.

HYDMECH C350-2CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2CNC is a vertical cold saw that is perfect for metal cutting applications that have multiple lengths or quantities. A solid automatic metal cutting cold saw that will increase production and output at any metal fab shop.

HYDMECH C350-2S Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C350-2S Cold Saw is a semi-automatic vertical column circular saw that is best suited for light metal cutting to medium metal cutting applications. With a variety of standard features that make this Cold Saw an easy choice for every metal fabrication shop.

HYDMECH C370-2SI Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C370-2SI Cold Saw is a semi-automatic vertical column circular saw. This cold saw has the largest capacity that HYDMECH offers. This circular saw is an ideal choice for quick, clean and accurate metal cutting.

HYDMECH C370CNC Semi-Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH C370CNC Metal Cold Saw is a fully automatic vertical circular saw with several unique features. It has the ability to extend carbide blade life due to its high volume flood coolant system which not only cools the blade, but also the material during cutting operations.

HYDMECH CNF400CNC Automatic Vertical Column Cold Saw

The HYDMECH CNF400CNC Circular Saw is the top of the C-Series Cold saws, a vertical column cold saws which was made for rapid cutting of heavy wall, structural or solid steel applications. The gearbox and the saw motor are part of the cutting head which helps the C-series easily cut through to 4’’ solid metal material.

HYDMECH P225 Manual Pivot Arm Cold Saw

The HYDMECH P225 is a lightweight bench cold saw that is highly portable, which makes it ideal for moving from workstation to workstation. It’s an ideal mobile bench saw that easily enables steel cutting operations in fabrication shops or even on job site.

HYDMECH P350 Manual Pivot Arm Cold Saw

The HYDMECH P350 Cold Saw will deliver a clean and straight cut that requires no secondary finishing operations. This cold saw keeps excess heat to a minimum when working on metal cutting applications and will also provide quality cuts on thin wall tubing.

HYDMECH PNF350-2AV Manual Non-Ferrous Pivot Arm Cold Saw

The HYDMECH PNF350-2AV metal cold saw is a manual non-ferrous pivot arm circular saw. Among it’s many features is a pneumatic operating vise and a two speed motor that increases productivity for all your metal cutting applications.

Finding the Best Metal Cutting Circular Saw

  • Consider the material being cut

HYDMECH Metal Cold Saws

In order to determine the right cold cut saw for your shop, you have to consider the size of material you’ll be cutting and the type. As such, when making the selection, you’ll ensure that the cold saw has the right cutting capacity from the smallest to the largest sizes that you might want to cut. The saw also has to have the available feeds and the speed that will accommodate the various material applications you are using. Different materials are machined at different surface speeds. As such, be sure to ask the equipment suppliers the speed that is right for your product mix. Also, identifying the alloys you’ll be dealing with will help you choose the kind of coolant system that you will need, that is, flood or misting.

  • Production rates needed

If you are dealing with small production runs, say 100 pieces at a time, then you might want to get a manual machine. If you plan on cutting larger quantities of diverse materials, then a semi-automatic cold saw will be more economical. And if your production is over 1000 pieces per go and the  product mix isn’t too diversified, then the right cold saw for you is the full automatic machine.

  • Cost Effective

The prices of new cold saw machines range from $1000 to over $1 million. This is dependent on their production rates and their functions. When setting your budget, first consider the previous factors as you might set the budget too low only never to find the saw that will fulfill your tasks.

  • Replacement parts

Many other metal cold saws are typically manufactured in Asia and Europe. That can make sourcing replacement parts or repairing malfunctions costly and time consuming. FABTECH SOLUTIONS carries a full stock of cold saws replacement parts as well as offering Service and Repair for Metal Saws.


Our expert team of factory-trained service engineers can discuss machine tool repair options with you today, we can effectively minimize your downtime and keep your manufacturing process running smoothly. Look into one of our maintenance contracts to ensure quality and optimal service for all your machine fabrication needs.