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The OMAX Waterjets naturally cut without heat which is a characteristic that separates itself from other cutting methods. By utilizing abrasive water, instead of heat, there is no thermal distortion to complex and intricate parts and no heat affected zone that might change material properties. It also means that secondary machining processes, such as thread-tapping, are easily carried out on a waterjet-cut blank. Waterjets make a very narrow cut and have very low cutting forces. This frees part designers to create intricate parts that would be virtually impossible to make with conventional manufacturing processes. Very complex shapes and contours are easily possible with waterjet cutting. An additional benefit when expensive material is being machined is low waste costs.

OMAX Waterjets can easily cut advanced materials such as fiber-reinforced plastics, glass-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. Cutting carbon fiber-reinforced plastics with an OMAX abrasive waterjet has major advantages, such as no tool clogging or wear, no need to change tooling, no special considerations or restrictions due to heat buildup, no melting, and no hazardous fumes requiring costly air handling equipment. Any fiber-reinforced material, including Kevlar reinforced personnel armor, can be quickly and cleanly cut on the OMAX without hazardous dust or fumes.

Omax Abrasive Waterjet Machines

OMAX Abrasive Waterjet machines are the ideal solution for ultra-precision in your waterjet machine. OMAX utilizes advanced high precision linear encoders, innovative vibration isolation, and proven software control systems, OMAX Abrasive Waterjet machine line is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns while retaining all the advantages of abrasive waterjet machining. These waterjets can machine stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, PEEK, glass, nitinol, graphite, copper, composites, laminates, and more, with high precision and smooth finishing, for either prototyping or production.

Product Details and Specifications are linked below:

Omax Maxiem Abrasive Waterjets

The next generation of OMAX Waterjets is the MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. These industrial machines set a new standard for abrasive waterjet machining. Faster, smoother, and more precise, the MAXIEM JetMachining Centers are ideal for a wide range of modern machining needs. An exclusive feature of MAXIEM JetMachining Centers are the advanced Intelli-TRAX digital linear encoder, they provide a one-micron resolution sensitivity to the motor control system so the machine knows precisely where the cutting head is at all times. The mobile control station with widescreen display provides flexibility in controller positioning. Optional accessories such as the Rapid Water Level Control for submerged cutting and Collision Sensing Terrain Follower for machining irregular surfaces expand your JetMachining capabilities and dramatically improve production.

Product Details and Specifications are linked below:

Omax Maxiem Abrasive Waterjets


Wire EDM
Punch Press
AccuracyAverage of ±0.003"
(±0.08 mm) and up to
0.001” (±25 μ) 1
±0.0001" (±2.5 μ)±0.001" (±25 μ) 2 2±0.030 to ±0.060"
(±0.75 to ±1.55 mm)
±0.0003" (±8 μ)Fair
THICKNESS3" (75mm) or more
for some
12" (30 cm)Generally less than
Cuts less than 1.25"Able to work on
3D parts
Works well with
thin sheets
CUTTING SPEED5-10 times faster
than EDM when
thickness is under 1"
5-10 times slower
than waterjet
Very fast cutting in
thin, non-reflective
Fast with thin sheetsFairFast batch production
when initial programming
and setup are done
Edge QualityGoodExcellentExcellentFairExcellentFair
MATERIAL DISTORTIONNo Distortion 3NoPossiblePossibleNoSome
all materials except
really hard ceramics
Only works in
conductive materials
Only non-reflective
metals 4
Generally works in
Not ideal for very
large parts
Not good for brittle or
hardened materials
PROCESSCold supersonic
abrasive used to
cut material
Spark erosion used to
remove material from
electrically conductive materials
Thermal processThermal processMechanical cutting toolShearing process
SETUPFast and easy
Relatively easy
Relatively easy set-up
but may have to tune
laser for different materials
Relatively easy
Time consuming
set-up and
Time consuming
set-up and
  1. Better result can be achieved with advanced software
  2. Better result with thin material
  3. May have hazing near cut. No internal stress built up
  4. May need different gas for cutting different materials


OMAX and MAXIEM Material Capacity

Abrasive Waterjet for Micro-Machining

Cut Aluminum With An OMAX JetMachining Center

Cut Granite With A MAXIEM JetMachining Center

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