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Piranha Plasma Table C404

The C404 Piranha Plasma Table is equipped with dual side drive motors that provide maximum stability. A steel welded frame ensures precision alignment and cutting that will last for years. A fully integrated CNC Control system is ready to take on the most intricate designs you can throw at it. The Piranha C404 has the smallest footprint with a 4’X4′ cutting bed and is packed with high quality features to automate any metal cutting job.

Piranha Plasma Table C408

The C408 Piranha Plasma Table utilizes high performance Panasonic Servo Motors and Drives that will easily run full production for many years to come. These 400 watt Servo Motors ensure high quality cuts and complete accuracy through the life of the equipment. The Piranha C408 CNC Plasma Table comes with a 4’X8′ cutting bed and the FastCam Programming system that automates the most difficult jobs.

Piranha Plasma Table C510

The C510 Piranha Plasma Table is an affordable and high quality CNC Plasma Table that is perfect for every metal fabrication shop. A microstep programmable torch provides a consistent height and perfect cut every time. Designed with a break away torch mount that protects from accidental tip ups. The Piranha C510 CNC Plasma Table has a 5’X10′ cutting bed.