Piranha Hydraulic Shears

The brands of Piranha and Whitney represent the core values of MegaFab. The Whitney Press Brake has been reborn as the Piranha Precision Series Shear. Piranha manufactures a comprehensive line of cutting and forming equipment for the metal plate fabrication market. The recognized leader in metal plate technology and its products serve the global transportation, agricultural and construction equipment industries. Piranha Shears are accurate and precise, making them a valuable addition to any metal fabrication shop.

MegaFab dominates the market for plasma-punch combination machines that have proven time and time again to be the most cost-effective way to produce fabricated steel parts. Piranha maintains a complete line of equipment for the plate fabricator, including CNC plasma-punch combination machines, manual and CNC punching machines, and tooling.

Standard Features Include:

  • High Precision Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with 3-point Roller Gib System
  • 39″ Standard Back Gauge Travel
  • Stroke Adjustment, Rake Angle and Blade Gap Adjustment Standard
  • Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System
  • High Quality Alloy 2-piece Blades for Long Life

Piranha Shears B-Series

Piranha Hydraulic Shears B-Series

Standard B-Series Features

  • Estun E21 Control
  • Hand Wheel Blade Gap Adjust (Manual)
  • Electric Rake Angle Adjust (Manual)
  • Leuze Light Curtain/Photocell
  • 3 Front Sheet Supports
  • Backgauge AC motor w/Shaft
    and Chain Drive
  • Bosch (Rexroth) Hydraulics

Piranha Hydraulic Shears P-Series

Standard P-Series Features

  • Delem DAC-360 Control
  • CNC Controlled Blade Gap
  • CNC Controlled Rake Angle
  • Leuze Light Curtain/Photocell
  • 3 Front Sheet Supports
  • Backgauge AC Servo w/Ball Screw
  • Bosch (Rexroth) Hydraulics
Piranha Shear P-Series

Detailed Specifications

Max. Cutting
WPS .250″ x 8′.250″980.5-21418.400″-39″666122788112,128
WPS .250″ x 10′.250″1200.5-21716.400″-39″666144788113,892
WPS .250″ x 13′.250″1590.5-22214.400″-39″666184818619,845
WPS .250″ x 16′.250″1970.5-22412.400″-39″11172225949831,973
WPS .250″ x 20′.250″2400.5-22710.400″-39″111722709810444,762
WPS .3125″ x 10′.3125″1200.5-21713.400″-39″884145808316,317
WPS .3125″ x 13′.3125″1590.5-22211.400″-39″1184184828723,814
WPS .3125″ x 16′.3125″1970.5-22413.400″-39″161722279510039,690
WPS .3125″ x 20′.3125″2400.5-22711.400″-39″161722709810449,613
WPS .3125″ x 26′.3125″3190.5-23010.400″-39″2226435310611297,461
WPS .375″ x 13′.375″1590.5-21811.400″-39″16172188919428,665
WPS .500″ x 8′.500″980.5-2.51211.400″-39″161721289010219,845
WPS .500″ x 10′.500″1200.5-2.51410.400″-39″16172149909322,050
WPS .500″ x 13′.500″1590.5-2.5189.400″-39″22172189939833,516
WPS .500″ x 16′.500″1970.5-2.5228.400″-39″221722319410252,920
WPS .500″ x 20′.500″2400.5-2.5266.400″-39″222642749811472,765
WPS .500″ x 23′.500″2800.5-2.5315.400″-39″2829031310212499,225
WPS .500″ x 26′.500″3190.5-2.5365.400″-39″28290353106136176,400
WPS .625″ x 8′.625″980.5-2.51210.400″-39″161721299310625,358
WPS .625″ x 10′.625″1200.5-2.5149.400″-39″16172149939628,224
WPS .625″ x 13′.625″1590.5-2.5188.400″-39″22172190949939,690
WPS .625″ x 16′.625″1970.5-2.5266.400″-39″282642319811467,253
WPS .625″ x 20′.625″2400.5-2.5315.400″-39″2826427510011885,995
WPS .625″ x 26′.625″3190.5-2.5365.400″-39″34290354106138155,453
WPS .750″ x 8′.750″980.5-2.5137.400″-39″221721369311232,193
WPS .750″ x 10′.750″1200.5-2.5167.400″-39″22172157939835,721
WPS .750″ x 13′.750″1590.5-2.5207.400″-39″282112059811861,740
WPS .750″ x 16′.750″1970.5-2.5246.400″-39″4129023610613297,020
WPS .750″ x 20′.750″2400.5-2.5275.400″-39″41290280110136121,275
WPS 1.000″ x 8′1.000″980.5-2.5136.400″-39″342641389412248,510
WPS 1.000″ x 10′1.000″1200.5-2.5166.400″-39″342641639612652,920
WPS 1.000″ x 13′1.000″1590.5-2.5204.400″-39″413961999811884,893
WPS 1.125″ x 10′1.125″1200.5-3.5164.400″-39″4129016710411973,427


Fabtech Solutions provides service and repair for all Piranha Precision Shears. Ensuring high quality replacement parts and service resources is an essential component for prolonging the life and effectiveness of your metal fabrication equipment and machinery.

For your convenience, there are instruction and service manuals for Piranha Precision Shears included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

Piranha Hydraulic Shears Product Details

Piranha Hydraulic Shears Product Details
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