High Quality Seams with TRUMPF Seam Locker

The TRUMPF Seam Locker series is perfect for offering reliable and efficient sealing. Very portable and hand held, these fastening seam lockers are ideal for assembly at the job site; whether standing, angular or Pittsburgh seams the TRUMPF Seam Lockers are the right tool for the job. If you’re interested in high quality seam joinery, fastening seam lockers play a key role in ensuring the required standards are met.

Seam lockers are usually preloaded and are also nearly water and air tight. When bending takes place, three stages are involved; there are the thirty, seventy five and ninety degree angles created. The structure of the surface remains undamaged. The machine is automatically adapted to take up different thicknesses of the sheets. The TRUMPF seam locker is made to lock Pittsburgh seams which are self powered and also silent rolled in the gliding process. The preparation of this type of locker is usually done by the use of a stationary machine. It then forms the required edges needed in the sheet metal part. In the end, a vertical seam part is always placed onto the Pittsburgh seam which allows two or even more work pieces to be joined together into one piece.

Advantages of seam lockers

  • The use of fast seams join with a capacity that is ultimately exquisite and of high capacity
  • The seam lockers provide a constant and high quality straight duct

Advantages of fastening in seam lockers

  • Ensures there is no sparking and heat influence
  • Connection fasteners, like screws and rivets, are replaced
  • There is no preparation or even refinishing that is required.


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TRUMPF TruTool F 125 Seam Locker

The TRUMPF TruTool F 125 Seam Locker is used to hammer already prepared angle and standing seams so as to lock and form a tight seal. The freestanding tool is perfectly adapted to lock the already prefolded seams which occur in corners and angles. The spring loaded hammer is meant to ensure there is a virtue of consistency as far as quality is concerned.

TRUMPF TruTool F 140 Seam Locker

The TRUMPF TruTool F 140 Seam Locker is an exceptional seam closer, well designed to operate on large workpieces, this seam locker is an essential tool for any metal fabrication shop. No extra tools needed when setting the tool height for the thickness of your metal sheets, no distortion of the work area and no hammering needed to ensure an airtight closure.

TRUMPF TruTool F 300 Seam Locker

The TRUMPF TruTool F 300 Seam Locker is an ideal seam closer made for creating air tight seals on straight or curved pieces of metal. This seam closer works great for closing Pittsburgh lock seams and is ergonomically designed for great comfort during the working process. When it comes to creating perfect seals and closing seams the TRUMPF TruTool Series gets the job done.

TRUMPF TruTool F 300 with 1400W motor

This TRUMPF TruTool F 300 comes with a 1400 Watt motor to give it the extra strength and durable process needed for effective usage in any metal fabrication shop. This sheet metal tool is an exceptional seam locker, hammering the pieces into place and creating air and water tight seals in the process. The stronger motor out performs it’s smaller counter parts and works with thicker sheet metals and plate metals. Available as an Electric Seam Locker as well.

TRUMPF TruTool F 301 Seam Locker

The TRUMPF TruTool F 301 Seam Locker automatically closes and adjusts to the metal sheet thickness, combined with the automatic self feeding mechanism this sheet metal fastener barely needs an operator. The operator is able to guide the metal fastener along the seam creating a perfect seal the first time. This seam closer is a great metal fastener and seam closer, working effectively on straight or curved ventilation pieces.

TRUMPF TruTool F 305 Seam Locker

The TRUMPF TruTool F 305 Fastening Seam Locker is an ideal workhorse for heavy duty metal seam locking. Ideally adapted for ventilation ducts with a short rim, this seam locker is ergonomically designed for a comfortable work experience. The durable motor and outstanding materials used guarantee a long operating life for this sheet metal fabrication tool. It is an essential piece of equipment for all metal fabrication applications.

TRUMPF TruTool TF 350

The TRUMPF TruTool TF 350 is an amazingly effective power fastener and seam locker. Through a cold forming process this power tool completely secures the joins out of the working material. This creates a superior connecting element that eliminates the need of extra materials like rivets or screws.


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