The TRUMPF Line up of Metal Cutting Shears

There are a few popular and reputable models of this unique tool in the market, but none rivals the power and specialty of the TRUMPF TruTools metal cutting range of tools. All TRUMPF metal cutting shears award you with exceptional maneuverability and high-quality sheet metal processing. The blades can be adjusted to fit specific needs such as required sheet thickness both while the tool is cutting and while it has been stopped. When looking for a sheet metal cutting power tool, make sure to get something sturdy and durable like TRUMPF TruTools; it’s the only way to ensure long tool service life and value for your money.

TRUMPF has done it’s best to anticipate the needs of industrial metal cutting power tools; with rechargeable battery operated versions and electric power cutting tools. The TruTool range of metal shearing and cutting tools are designed to get the job done. TRUMPF TruTool’s ergonomic hand held design is perfect for making precise tight metal cuts.

Wherever metal sheets need to be processed, whether in industrial machine shops or contractors and plumbers, TRUMPF Shears are being used. FABTECH SOLUTIONS is proud to offer TRUMPF’s TruTool metal cutting shears for sale.

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The Latest in TRUMPF Cutting Shears For Sale

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TruTool S 160 Metal Shearing Tool

The Tru Tool S 160 is touted as the world’s smallest and most agile shear in its class. It is most ideal for cutting the thinnest metals. It has a compact shear head with compact dimensions. The TruTool S 160 comes in two versions; this is powered by replaceable batteries. This metal cutting power tool is an effective machine in a small package.

TruTool S 250 Metal Shearing Tool

The TruTool S 250 cutting shear power tool is ideal for your mid-range power needs. It is fast and compact and with four-sided cutting blades it serves mid-range power needs very well. Among it’s many features are the ability to cut sheet metal without chipping. This TruTool has marvelous flexibility which you can harness to create unique curves during sheet metal processing.

TruTool S 350 Metal Shearing Tool

The TRUMPF TruTool S 350 metal cutting shear offers an optional workstation that can be operated with minimal force. The workstation provides a secure foundation that can be bolted down through mounting holes and is generally used for machining small workpieces. This metal cutting power tool guarantees excellent quality of metal sheet cuts.

TruTool S 450 Metal Shearing Tool

The TruTool S 450 is the largest and most powerful of the TRUMPF TruTool range of electrical-powered sheet metal cutting tools. It allows you to adjust its height easily to suit material thickness. The adjustment is tool-free and easy. With a simple turn of a knob, you can reset the height to enable you to cut metal sheets of different thickness gauges. This powerful tool guarantees you the highest quality processing even while cutting tough stainless steel!


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