5 Benefits of TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears

TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears provide an exceptional and efficient cutting experience, they are lightweight and portable and easily cut through many types of steel and sheet metals. The unique position of the blades provides an excellent shear and allows for flexibility in the curves, fast and accurate cutting in the slitting shears, a long lifespan on the tool, good quality in terms of cutting and much more.

In the category of slitting shears, there is a variety of sheet metal cutters for a sizeable number of applications. For example, there is the stainless steel cutting tools and also the metal cutting power tools. In both cases, slitting involves a fine and a slim blade that increases the flexibility in the curves. To increase efficiency, a robust blade is always best suited for straight coil cuts. The process of slitting metal does create a scrap material that rolls up in circular form. Sheet metal burrs, as they are typically known, can be easily removed in a post process with a deburring tool.


Some common applications of slitting shears:

  • In the ventilation and also control of climate technology where spiral seam tubes are involved
  • In the construction of façade elements and roofing / siding
  • In the construction and separation of CLU profiles
  • Slitting is also a key principle of plumbing activities involving cutting of pipe materials

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Explore our Selection of TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shears For Sale

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TRUMPF TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear

The TRUMPF TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear is an exceptional piece of equipment and a great addition to your stock of sheet metal tools. This slitting shear comes without the integrated chip breaker which provides a wide open view of the working area. There are many advantages to this slitting shear besides just visibility, the TRUMPF guarantee of quality is behind every tool offered.

TRUMPF TruTool C 160 Slitting Shears with Chip Breaker

The TRUMPF TruTool C 160 Slitting Shear with the integrated chip breaker is an ideal sheet metal tool for any metal fabrication shop. A cordless slitting shear this hand held shear easily makes it’s way through spiral tubing, sheet metal pieces and stainless steel with distortion free cutting. Ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, this sheet metal tool makes it easy.

TRUMPF Slitting Shear C 250 with Chip Breaker

The TRUMPF TruTool Slitting Shear Model C 250 with the integrated chip breaker is an ideal tool for handheld usage. This portable, lightweight sheet metal tool can removed or inserted from any place within the workpiece. Easy to use with one hand, this curve compatible slitting shear gets the job done.


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