Trumpf TruTool PN 130 Profile Nibbler

The Trumpf TruTool PN 130 Profile Nibbler is now available as a completely portable, battery operated, hand held metal nibbler tool. This is an excellent piece of machinery to compliment your arsenal of metal processing tools. This Profile Nibbler is extremely compact while providing full power and an excellent metal cutting capacity.



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Details of the TruTool PN 130 Profile Nibbler

Trumpf Profile Nibbler – Power-Head-Technology: The profile nibbler is now available as Li-Ion battery. Many details in the gear head are tailored to the voltage of the battery technology and enable the 10,8 volt battery to produce output that is comparable to a 14,4 volt battery.

The TruTool PN 130 profile nibbler can cut steel sheets up to 1.3 mm thickness and weights only 1.4 kg. At the same time, this profile nibbler provides an unbeatable working speed of 2.5 m/min. It offers you enormous curve mobility for processing trapezoidal and profile sheets.

  • 360° cutting directions to choose from
  • Distortion free cutting process
  • Outstanding mobility in the curves
  • Simple carrier replacement and integrated die
  • Machine available as Li-Ion-battery


  • Roof and fasade construction
  • Ventilation works and climate control technology
  • Plumbers
  • Encasings and covers

Product Sections:


Profile Nibbler TruTool PN 130 Li-Ion Akku
Max. material thickness
  • Steel 400 / mm²
1.3 mm
  • Steel 600 / mm²
0.8 mm
  • Steel 800 / mm²
  • Aluminium 250 / mm²
2 mm
Working speed 2.5 m/min
Start hole diameter 15 mm
Smallest radius 25 mm
Motor capacity 10.8 V
Strokes at nominal load 1800 RPM
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery) 1.4 kg
Accessories included
Punch HighSpeed integrated
Battery (2 pieces) 10,8 V / 2 Ah included
Charger 100 – 240 V 1886527
Belt clip 1886524
TRUMPF Box 1763681
Additional accessories
Punch HighSpeed (set of 2) 1474333
Punch HighSpeed (set of 5) 1474334
Punch HighSpeed (set of 10) 1474335
Punch HighQuality (set of 2) 1474336
Punch HighQuality (set of 5) 1474337
Punch HighQuality (set of 10) 1474338
Tool Set 1x carrier, 2 punch HighSpeed 1474339
Tool set 1 x carrier, 2 punch HighQuality 1474370
*Battery (1 piece) 10,8 V / 2 Ah 1886525
*Battery (1 piece) 10,8 V / 4 Ah 1886526
Options (accessories)
Chip bag 1460314


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Trumpf TruTool Profile Nibblers

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