When to Flip a Shear Blade

The metal shear blades of a industrial shear can become dull or damaged over time. This results in poorer quality cuts as unsightly burrs will be left on every piece of metal cut. The burrs can always be cleaned up afterwards, however this costs more time and money in the long run. Many machine operators will also recognize a significant reduction in a metal shears capacity when blades begin to dull. The solution for a hydraulic shear is replacing those blades with new ones or rotating / flipping your current blades.

Fabtech Solutions offers a shear blade flipping service that is safe and dependable.

A basic form of hydraulic shear maintenance, utilizing an industrial shear blades flipping service is immensely important. By simply flipping your shear blades so that they now utilize their unused edge, you can remove the possibility of unacceptable burrs caused by your metal shearing machine. Hydraulic Shear blades are usually hundreds of pounds and rotating them is a dangerous task that requires an expert. Shear blade flipping is one of our specialties; we are very proficient in most brands and models of all hydraulic shears.

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We also sell new metal shear blades. To receive a quote on new blades, please contact us and include the Length, Width and Thickness of your blades and we will send you a quote asap.

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