The Benefits of an Ercolina Pipe Bender

Ercolina’s line of tube and pipe benders possess an innovative bending head design and accurate NC control which give the semi-automatic line of mandrel benders the ability to eliminate welds, elbows, and seams with quality bends. The durable and sturdy steel construction is complimented with a precise computerized interface allowing the CNC bending machines the ability to create quality mandrel bends every time, even when your bending application requires complex or tight-radius bends.

The improved design of the Ercolina Bender is more rugged and versatile than traditional outdated “swing arm” technology. The bending axis is positioned directly beneath and supporting the pressure die, eliminates the need for tie bars and prevents material slippage. The bending force exerted by the spindle is resisted by the pressure die which is monitored and continuously adjusted automatically for consistent pressure throughout the bend cycle.

Ercolina’s powered indexing carriage advances and rotates the work piece between bends. Primarily the carriage is a material handling mechanism positioning the work piece for each bend just as accurately as the carriage of a CNC bender. One of the most important benefits of the powered carriage on a larger bender is powered loading, positioning, and unloading of heavy work pieces, especially when the pipe or tube must be drawn many feet over a snug fitting mandrel.

When is a Mandrel Bender Necessary

When a tube is bent the outside wall collapses and thins out, and the inside compresses. When bending thin wall tube to tight radius a mandrel and wiper die are necessary. Use of a mandrel minimizes the amount of ovality occurring during bending.

Ercolina mandrel systems incorporate five (5) individual tooling components to effectively support the profile during bending process. These components; Center former, pressure die, clamp die, wiper die and flexible mandrel are specific to material type and dimension.

The following must be supplied when ordering mandrel tooling

  • Profile shape
  • Material type
  • Interior and exterior dimensions
  • Minimum distance between bends
  • Wall thickness
  • Number of bends per day required

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