TRUMPF TruTool F 305 Seam Locker


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The TRUMPF TruTool F 305 Fastening Seam Locker is an ideal workhorse for heavy duty metal seam locking. Ideally adapted for ventilation ducts with a short rim, this seam locker is ergonomically designed for a comfortable work experience. The durable motor and outstanding materials used guarantee a long operating life for this sheet metal fabrication tool. It is an essential piece of equipment for all metal fabrication applications.

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Advantages of the TruTool F 305 Seam Locker

In a cold forming process the power fastener cuts and forms the connecting element out of the working material. In this process, the upper sheet is tightly and positively connected to the lower sheet. With the power fastener you can join coated or uncoated workpieces. There is no limit to the variety of materials. There is no need for pre- or post-processing. And there are no costs for fasteners like screws or rivets. You can work quickly, since two joins per second are created.

Superior efficiency point for point

  • Rapid stroke rate – up to two joining points per second
  • High tool life with corresponndingly high efficiency
  • Powerful 1400 watt motor
  • Machine available as electric- and cordless-version


  • Ventilation works and climate control technology
  • Container construction
  • Electrical and chemical appliances



 TRUMPF Seam LockerTruTool TF 350 (230V)TruTool TF 350 (110V)TruTool TF 350 Li-Ion battery
Min. material thickness
  • Min. sheet thickness
0.8 mm0.8 mm0.8 mm
Max. material thickness
  • Steel 400 / mm²
3.5 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm
  • Steel 600 / mm²
2.5 mm2.5 mm2.5 mm
  • Aluminium 250 / mm²
4 mm4 mm4 mm
Locking power max.25 kN25 kN25 kN
Max. stroke power2 1/s2 1/s2 1/s
Edge clearance min.8 mm8 mm8 mm
Edge clearance max.58 mm58 mm58 mm
Flange height max.36 mm36 mm36 mm
Rated input power1400 W1140 W
Weight (electrical version: without cable, cordless version: with battery)8.3 kg8.3 kg8.7 kg
Motor capacity28 V
Accessories included
Tilting arm for punch25 g0128748
Die arm stationary No. 3 (incl. die)Blechdicke 3,1 – 3,5 mm0118132
Stripper for straight sheetssheet thickness 3.1 – 3.5 mmintegrated
Stripper for ducts0112929
Hex head wrenchDIN 911-60067865
Hex head wrenchDIN 911-60067830
Tube grease “G1”DIN 911-31398728
Grease gun (filled with “G1”)1369906
*Battery Li (2pieces)28 Vintegrated
*Battery charger CLi220 – 240 V1464702
*Battery charger CLi120 V1464703
Additional accessories
Punch(1 piece, 1884902)(set of 2, 1264160)
Die 1Sheet thickness 0.8 – 1.5 mm0111969
Die 2Sheet thickness 1.6 – 2 mm0111968
Die 2+Sheet thickness 2.1 – 2.5 mm0122272
Die 3-Sheet thickness 2.6 – 3 mm1884875
Die 3Sheet thickness 3.1 – 3.5 mm0111967
Stripper for straight sheetsBlechdicke 3,1 – 3,5 mm0053649
*Battery Li (1 piece)28 V1464697
Options (accessories)
Tilting arm for complete die 1Sheet thickness 0.8 – 1.5 mm0128792
Tilting arm for complete die 2Sheet thickness 1.6 – 2 mm0118130
Tilting arm for complete die 2+Sheet thickness 2.1 – 2.5 mm0128793
Tilting arm for complete die 3-Sheet thickness 2.6 – 3 mm0129723
Tilting arm for complete die 3Sheet thickness 3.1 – 3.5 mm0129724
Die 1, stationary armSheet thickness 0.8 – 1.5 mm0128794
Die 2, stationary armSheet thickness 1.6 – 2 mm0118131
Die 2+, stationary armSheet thickness 2.1 – 2.5 mm0129763
Die 3-, stationary armSheet thickness 2.6 – 3 mm0129764
Die 3, stationary armSheet thickness 3.1 – 3.5 mm0118132
Tilting arm for complete punch0128748
Stationary punch arm0118129
Plate spring0030678
Complete spring element0249303
Plate for ducts0243189
Punch and nibble oil for steel500 ml bottle0103387
Punch and nibble oil for aluminium1000 ml bottle0125874
Rotating assembly0976671
Work stationfor stationary machineing1224803
Lubricating grease “G1”900 g0139440


FABTECH SOLUTIONS is a proud distributor of Trumpf Power Tools. Our Service Department can assist with finding the right tool for the job. Ensuring high quality equipment, training and service resources is an essential component for prolonging the life and effectiveness of your sheet metal fabrication power tools and machinery.

For your convenience, there are instruction and service manuals for your Trumpf TruTools included below. These manuals have been prepared for operators and maintenance personnel. It is important that all persons responsible for the care and operation of this equipment fully understand the information presented in this material. Manuals are shown for reference purposes only; please contact our Service Department with any questions or concerns.

TRUMPF Seam Locker


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