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Wellsaw Model 1016 Horizontal Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 1016 is the industry standard since 1933, easily the most popular of the Horizontal Bandsaws. 4 Blade speeds with a 2HP motor makes for fast and clean cuts for many years.

Wellsaw Model 1316S Swivel Head Miter Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 1316S is a swivel head bandsaw that miters up to 60 degrees. Extremely rugged with accurate cutting, ease of operation and long service life. These saws are entirely made in the USA with domestic components, ensuring that parts will always be available in the future.

Wellsaw Model 1316S-EXT Swivel Head Bandsaw with Extended Capacity

The Wellsaw Model 1316S-EXT has an extended head for larger capacity jobs. The swivel head miter bandsaw provides fab shops and metal cutting applications with an extended capacity for processing larger jobs.

Wellsaw Model 1316S-SA Semi-Automatic Swivel Head Miter Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 1316-SA provides all the precision of the swivel head miter saw with the convenience of semi-automatic operation. A factory programmed PLC manages the saw head and bed vise improving productivity.

Wellsaw Model 1318 Scissor Style Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 1318 is the perfect metal cutting bandsaw for any steel fabrication shop. The large capacity 13″x18″ capacity stock along with a 3HP motor provides excellent cutting in almost any application.

Wellsaw Model 1318-SA Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

The model 1318-SA is a true semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw that eliminates the time consuming operations of a manual saw while increasing safety, productivity and increasing operations. The PLC efficiently manages the strength and precision of cuts.

Wellsaw Model 1338 Horizontal Bandsaw with Extended Capacity

Wellsaw’s Model 1338 has an oversize capacity for large jobs, it can cut up to 38 inch widths. The perfect bandsaw for cutting gratings, sheet metal fabrications and other shapes and density that require extra capacity.

Wellsaw Model 58B Series Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 58B series is their largest portable metal cutting bandsaw. The 58B Metal Saw is convertible and can be operated both horizontally and vertically. A very versatile bandsaw that is incredibly efficient as well.

Wellsaw Model 613 Horizontal Bandsaw

Wellsaw’s Model 613 is a rugged and durable horizontal bandsaw. The smaller footprint makes this bandsaw an efficient and effective use of space in any shop, designed for years of hard use.

Wellsaw Model V-20F Vertical Bandsaw

The Model V-20F brings vertical sawing to the production floor. Wellsaw’s VFD motor allows for variable drive blade speed provides exceptional cuts every time. The heavy steel frame and precision ground cast iron table will last far into the future.

Wellsaw Model V-20F-EXT Vertical Bandsaw, 24" Work Height

The Model V-20F has an extended 20″ throat with 24″ under the guide. The extra capacity vertical saw also has a variable blade speed with a motor controller allowing for perfect cuts every time. A dependable saw for every metal cutting shop.